The Story

Inspired by the love of cooking, and eating, a circle of friends, myself; Nungky, along with Irna and Luwi challenged ourselves to make one of the most difficult treats of all, Macaron.

Macaron is simple, yet very difficult to make. Even more difficult in tropical weather at my small kitchen at home. After days of trial, hundred of Macaron shell tested and dozen of different flavors, we mastered the making of Macaron. We got even more exciting by trying Indonesian flavors Macaron, which we called Macaron Indonesiana.

We start selling our Macaron from home. Our friends encouraged us to make other cakes. Such as: cupcakes, whole cakes, eclair and rolls. So we decided to open our first Kuekue Stall at Dharmawangsa Square on 2011. Supported by our sweet friends, our Stall is doing very well. We even opened our second and third Stall at fX Sudirman and Lippo Mall Kemang on 2012.

On a one fine sweet day, a friend ask us to open a bakery at Dharmawangsa Square. So a freshly baked bakery called KueKue ‘Dessert+ Place’ was born to serve our Macarons, Cakes, Ice Cream, Gourmet Coffee, Sandwich and Pasta.

This year of 2015, we opened our new stall at Pondok Indah Mall 2 and ready to serve you!


"Our sweet story happened because of our friends, we called the Circle of Sweetness."

The Business

Thanks to our friends and customers that become our new friends, KueKue Stall and Dessert+ Place are doing well.

With Macaron Indonesiana as our ‘signature product’, KueKue is commited to make Macaron as our front line product. Combining the French treats with local fruits and spices, this Macaron Indonesiana is probably the first unique treat that the customers can enjoy in Indonesia.

Targeting middle-up class women; from children to adults, we are optimist of the business opportunity in growing the idea of Macaron Indonesiana in specific and also desserts in general.

"Our friends starting to ask for franchising. Along with our business savvy friends, we are cooking our franchising system and opening in other places soon."

The Community

Aside from creating Macaron with incomparable rich flavors of Indonesia to the world, we are also collaborating with our friends for a sweet cause.

Such as with our friends at Lovepink community with breast cancer awareness programs. Part of our pink colored Macaron sales will be donated and the involvement of our customers will support Lovepink’s sweet mission.

Along with our friends, we are also developing new products. If their ideas accepted by our customers, we could produce and sell them at KueKue with profit sharing.

We are also cooking and looking for similar collaborations. Shall we?

The Circle of Sweetness